Here’s a book by Josh Pellicer that I believe is one of the best books out there so far for getting a girl.

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There are many eBooks out there that went viral but one that particularly catches my eye is The Tao of Badass, written by Josh Pellicer.

Even with my hands full handling my own website, curiosity got over me to try out this book in the end to see what the fuss is all about. There are so many reviews out there which I find hard to believe so I take it upon myself to try it out and give out my honest opinion for my web visitors.


So who is Josh Pellicer anyway?

Josh is an ordinary person with a humble beginning and a fellow dating coach. He’s been in the dating industry for quite some time now, longer than me in fact. His story as to why he started learning about dating is similar to mine (but more hardcore) in which we have had a terrible life changing experience in the past and wanted to do something about it to change our lives for the better.

I admire his enthusiasm and his commitment to it which has brought him to where he is now. He has appeared in numerous TV shows, even on the radio. His ground breaking course – The Tao of Badass is written by himself based on his real life experience. It’s a really effective course which helps men attract women easily and effectively.

Personally I have hopes that one day I’ll be as successful as him with my own products to help everyone who were in the same mess as me. So until then, I strongly recommend guys to check out his course. Click Here!

Here’s what I think about The Tao of Badass:


The Pros

Contents are based on real life situations. I loved the way how he explains the girl’s reaction when he tried a technique on her.

Helps improve your confidence level not only to approach woman, but also to take control of your everyday life.

Covers almost every topic to be successful with girls.

Highly effective that you could start to implement just after reading a few pages.

Very good value for money (you get the original eBook plus several other complimentary bonus guides)

Contents are straightforward that even a layman could understand

Cheesy pick-up lines are not needed

High ratings by various review websites

Lifetime support by Josh and his team

Lifetime access to a member’s only private community

Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee no questions asked


The Cons

Besides the e-book (which I would say is more than enough), you will also get several complimentary goodies and reports which is indeed an awful lot to get through.

You need time. I wouldn’t recommend it to people with such a busy schedule as there are a lot to take in overall.

You need a determined will. Probably not you but for me as I get bored quickly when I read too much. Although there are some audio and visual contents for the bonus guides, the eBook itself is in PDF.


So what are the Bonus guides that you get when you buy?

1)      Escaping the Friend Zone

2)      Monogamy vs Polyamory

3)      Never Get Cheated On

4)      Guide to Breaking Up

Beside these four bonus guides you also get two seminars recording which is hosted by Joshua Pellicer.


My conclusion

After going through his course, I admit that I’ve learned a lot from it. I really loved the way he made everything so simple that even a layman could understand. The techniques of approaching women aren’t new to me as I have been teaching people that myself too but the seduction trick that Josh shares in his book is truly splendid. For example, do you know that you can trigger a girl’s sexual hormones by looking at her lips when facing her? There’s plenty more where that came from so I urge you to check out his course.

Good luck!


Here’s the link for you to check out to find out more –> (Click Here!)

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