Are Asian Men Shy?

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Many girls have asked me, especially those from America and Europe that Asian men do not really approach them and they wonder why. There have also been word spreading that Asian men are shy which has seem to be a definite stereotype now. Coming from Asia myself, here’s my perspective on Asian men.

1) We over think things
As most people know, Asians are very good with math plus we study a lot due to our strict parents who would kill us if they catch us slacking off. But sometimes, we tend to forget to leave that side of us at work or school hence making us analyze a thousand times on whether to approach her or not. Oh but don’t think of it the wrong way because we are not shy – we just want a 100% result.

2) We may not be attracted to people of other cultures
Some Asians have a very strict upbringing that they are not allowed to date other cultures in order for their lineage to continue of pure blood. Those that live alone or those that are independent on the other hand, don’t really believe in this anymore so they are more open minded to interracial dating.

3) We are married to work
Asians are wired to work hardcore and giving it a hundred percent. This is because we believe in this thing that we love to call “kiasu” which when translated, would literally mean “don’t lose”. Because of this, we take everything very seriously, even work.

4) We are planning for a great future
Asians are more family-oriented than that of the Western countries. In Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Korea, families stay together in a house which everyone contributes to sustain. Some families are so huge that they decide to build more floors on their house thus making them bigger in time. So girls, Asian men are a great choice if you want your family to be well taken care of.

There can be many factors of why men don’t approach women. Asian men for one, depends on how tied they are to their culture. The more they hold on to them, the longer time it takes for them to approach as they WILL take their own sweet time to think and I MEAN think. But beware – the moment they start courting, there’s no turning back.


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  1. I really love this article, everything about it. It’s true that men are married to work but they are doing it for their family’s sake, that is why Asian men are more family-oriented than men in other countries because when they have their own family, they will do everything to feed them.

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