IMG_2139Hello! I’m Riaz, a student studying  in Malaysia trying to juggle books, friends and hobbies.

       Dating is the biggest topic anyone could ever have in a common university life, even more popular than your own studies. As a guy, it is normal for me to want a girlfriend be it to experience intimacy, or simply to share everything in my life with someone special. But the question is, will she be attracted to me?

          Few years ago throughout my entire school life, I was a typical nerd lacking a normal sense of style for a teenager, lacking the guts to talk to a girl not to mention getting bullied all the time by my classmates. Every day of my entire miserable school life goes on like that. When it was getting worse to the extent that I was skipping classes because of girls, I started to realize that I’ve got to do something about my life.

          I was touched when my close friends tried hard to help me out but to no avail, so I had to do something under my own initiation. Within weeks of research, visiting forums, reading articles online, counselling (You heard it right, I was THAT desperate), and countless rejections, I finally managed to date a hot girl that I have been eyeing on in class. After that, I started helping out my friends who were having similar problems that I faced before and from there I began to understand the psychology of dating more and more.

        As more and more people were coming to me for help, I began to realize that I should put in all my hard work to good use. I decided to charge a small fee in exchange for the time that I spent helping and guiding all those people as I spend more time helping them rather than for myself. I found out that deep down everyone wants somebody to care for, just that not many would want to admit. So I started to diversify and explore more about the dating world so I can help more people. I even started helping girls attract guys because as a guy, I understand exactly what they need and want in a girl.

        I started my business 5 years ago which is in December 2008 in hopes of helping people get out of the similar problems I went through before. I wanted someone to help and guide me on how to make girls attracted to me from the very basics. Love is one thing money cannot buy, so that is why I’m doing something to guide and prepare those people so at the end of the day, they not only feel happy after getting the girl or guy of their dreams, but even more happier when they realize its under their own initiative, with my guidance.

If you’d like more information on how to attract the opposite sex, feel free to get in touch with me using my contact page.

        You will also be able to keep in touch with what Relationshipable.com is up to through the use of one of our many subscription methods. Also, feel free to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, if you’re an active user on those networks.

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