What Makes a Person Want To Cheat


Nobody likes to be cheated on but it always happens when you least expect it. Even if you date the most innocent looking guy or girl, you will never believe that they too, aren’t an exception. However, people will never cheat if there are no catalysts to begin with. And why do people do that? Well here’s 3 reasons to ponder on.

1) I can’t handle the stress
Relationships are supposed to be calm and natural because both parties are in love. But sometimes when a party does something unbearable for the spouse, there exists a tension between the two. The party which will be under huge amounts of stress will be in the middle of a crossroad – to continue or to avoid the problem. Those who choose to avoid the problem however, will do things they are not proud of including cheating.

2) I want to prove that I still got it
When people are in a relationship for so long, one of them will usually have the feeling of trying to prove him or herself that they can still pick up girls or guys like how they used to before they got together. This feeling is usually triggered when they hang out with single friends who have the freedom to hook up with anyone and that makes them jealous.

3) I want the thrill of the chase
Being in a relationship for a while can also be boring. When a couple starts to get used to each other, they usually lose interest in a lot of things thus making them feel like dating is a chore. When this happens, it can only mean 2 things – they want to start finding a replacement, or they want to make their partner jealous in order to save the relationship (least likely to happen). In other words, they want their partner to start courting like how they first met.

The feeling of wanting to have an affair takes a toll on everyone who’s already in a relationship. When you’re in love with someone, your consciousness starts to kick in even when you don’t know the first rule of dating. Remember though, getting a girlfriend or a boyfriend is usually the easiest step. Maintaining a relationship on the other hand, is a whole different story. It takes two to make a relationship work and if one of them is not contributing enough, a gap of affairs may open.

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