Unraveling the Mystery Behind Approach Anxiety

a guy distressed

Many men face a type of nerve wrecking feeling whenever they want to approach women and this is called approach anxiety. No matter how good they are, every guy gets nervous whenever they want to approach attractive girls that they have a liking to. Whenever you want to approach her, you begin to stutter and shake or worse, begin to paralyze at that very moment. How to overcome approach anxiety? Well read on.

Get the hang of it
Approach anxiety isn’t all that much of a problem once you get the hang of it. The cure – get the hang of it! Ever wondered how an ugly guy can get a hot date but not you when you know that you’re more good looking? The trick is to practice. Try talking to as many girls as you can as that will help build up your confidence level and before you know it, you’ll want to try hitting on girls out of your league.

Let it affect your daily life
Sure you can talk to 3 attractive girls a day but can you do it every day? The number one rule of practice is consistency and the longer you practice, the better you’ll be at that particular thing. Imagine chess. You can learn all the rules in one day but you know you’ll forget if you don’t keep up the momentum. Keep talking to girls until its second nature to you because when you reach that state, all the moves that you need to hit on a girl will come naturally. But it doesn’t just stop there. Confidence is a problem in life, not just for courting girls. When you get passed your fear of approaching women, you will feel absolute confidence in what you do and this will indirectly affect everything else that you do in your life.

Although approach anxiety is a common problem among men, it’s relatively easy to fix. You shouldn’t’ worry much about it because when it comes to dating or getting a girlfriend, that’s not the worst part – it’s the easiest. Getting a girl is the easy part, keeping one is a whole different thing.


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