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“I Don’t Believe You Have to be Better than Everybody Else. I Believe You Have to be Better than You Ever Thought You Could Be” -Ken Venturi


How to Impress an Asian Family


Asians are judgmental but when it comes to family, it is a challenge to be with them mainly because of their cultural belief. Although the younger generations are more open minded in accepting other cultures into their lives, Asian parents on the other hand are still in bound culturally which can only mean one thing – big trouble for you. Here’s 7 ways on how to get their acceptance.



Social Experiment on Seducing a Girl With Your Eyes

To check out my previous theory on how to seduce a girl with your eyes, here’s a social experimental video by Simple Pickups showing you how the results will be like in the real world


How to Seduce a Girl or Guy With Your Eyes


Being confident in what you do is very sexy for girls, even though your eyes. Shy guys would usually look down when seeing a hot girl to act cool but the reason girls don’t find that attractive is because it shows weakness. By staring deeply into a woman’s eyes, you are subtly communicating your attraction and concentration on her. The same goes for when a girl does that to a guy. But that doesn’t mean you should stare at them – that’s just weird. You need to use that as a support to increase your chances when you go and talk to them.



How to Capture a Girl’s Heart Even if She’s Reluctant


Here’s a social experimental video by Simple Pickup on how to capture a random girl’s heart and make her fall in to you even if she seems reluctant. I would really recommend you all to watch, its simply amazing.