Should I Celebrate Valentine’s With a Person I Just Met?

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Often we meet people at odd times and one of those odd times just so happens to be Valentine’s. You just started seeing the person a few times and are not an official couple yet and yet you wonder, should I celebrate with him? In my opinion, a huge YES and here’s why.

You have your date-finding dilemma solved
A lot of people will panic when it comes to Valentines. And by those people, I mean single people who don’t have a date yet to spend the special day with. You my friend, have that issue solved as you are already seeing someone even though just for a quick date or two.

Base of your relationship-to-be
When you do get together with him or her, you might want to trace back to when you actually have a proper romantic date together, or when did both of you open up and started talking about where the relationship headed. It’s nice to know that your relationship started on Valentine’s and plus, so much easier to remember your anniversary date in the future.

Although you might wonder though, will your date want to celebrate valentines with you?
To have a Valentine’s celebration with a person you just met is unusual therefore you should have a proper talk with your date on his or her opinions and if want to make it a surprise, make a small celebration with a small gift so that your date won’t be intimidated.

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One response to “ Should I Celebrate Valentine’s With a Person I Just Met? ”

  1. Nick Bulmer says:

    I’ve taken a brand new girlfriend out on a Valentines date before. It went well, but we kept it simple, and I didn’t lay the love stuff on too thick.

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