Picking up girls for Christmas


Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to all and what better way to celebrate Christmas with the one you love. Celebrating with friends and family is alright, but celebrating intimately with a girl is a whole different experience. Here are some advise on how to pick up girls during Christmas.

1. The mistletoe

We all know that this is a great opportunity to kiss someone especially on Christmas as the girl would have a 99% probability of kissing you when you are under the mistletoe. The reason for this dates back long ago during the ancient times of the Norse gods. Baldur, the second son of Odin, was thought to be invincible but being mischievous, Loki found out Baldur is vulnerable to a plant on earth which we all know as the mistletoe. After finding that out, Loki killed Baldur with an arrow infused with mistletoe or so they say. Baldur’s mother afterwards took action upon that and said that any young men and women who stood under the mistletoe should only receive a kiss and no harm should come. But even so, not many actually know of the story and the reason girls allow you to kiss them still, is because she’s actually interested in you too and that is your queue my friend. Although it’s a norm to pick up girls on mistletoe, they still go for you because they find it cheesy, sly, and fun when guys pick them up that ways so make full use of this opportunity!


2. Pretending to be a tourist

You don’t always have to use the same techniques to pick up girls. The more times guys use the same techniques as others, the more she will be able to expect, the less of a surprise it will be for her. Find out the nearest tourist attractions near you and just go there as they will most probably have Christmas hours. Many tourists as well as locals will be there and with the beautiful view, it would be an event that she would most probably say yes to when you’re hitting on her.


3. Christmas dinner

Besides having a Christmas dinner with families, many others have theirs with friends as some might not have the opportunity to go back. Having Christmas dinner with friends is an awesome time for you to pick up girls in a more decent way as the environment is calmer, more peaceful and more intimate compared to Christmas party. You could use that to your advantage to have a slow talk with her over dinner to get to know her better with your friends. And about the girls, you could either invite the one who you’ve been eyeing on all these while, or you could ask your friends to invite girls from their side as well.


4. The Christmas carol girl

There are many places where you can find people doing a Christmas carol be it in a restaurant, hotel, or even down by the street. There are those who does that out of their own initiative and there are also those who are paid to do so to light up the environment. Take this to your advantage by participating in one in order to know her or even easier, simply compliment on their singing afterwards like “That was great, I love your singing” or “That was amazing”. They would surely feel appreciated and would definitely start talking to you.


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