How to Seduce a Girl or Guy With Your Eyes


Being confident in what you do is very sexy for girls, even though your eyes. Shy guys would usually look down when seeing a hot girl to act cool but the reason girls don’t find that attractive is because it shows weakness. By staring deeply into a woman’s eyes, you are subtly communicating your attraction and concentration on her. The same goes for when a girl does that to a guy. But that doesn’t mean you should stare at them – that’s just weird. You need to use that as a support to increase your chances when you go and talk to them.

1) Let him or her look at you before you go and approach
This is so that she will be more likely to be actively listening to what you are saying with less chances of being distracted. If girls look at you for more than 3 seconds, that’s a sign that she wants you to approach her.

2) Focus your eye on him or her and don’t get distracted
Everybody loves attention, especially girls. When you’re checking them out before you approach them, you are actually flirting – you don’t want to focus on something else when flirting. If you’re already approaching her, focusing your eye on her shows that you are a very confident and charming person and girls find that very attractive.

3) If you have to look away, do so unwillingly
Girls find it very annoying when you’re hitting on her but at the same time focusing on something else. Notice how girls get annoyed when their guys keep texting and calling when she’s on a date? The same principle applies here. When you look away, NEVER look downwards – look sideways instead. This is because looking down shows weakness, not confidence.
As for guys, we actually do feel annoyed as well when we are hitting on a girl and she doesn’t pay attention to us so this rule applies for both men and women.

Your eyes are the most seductive part of your body be it for a girl or guy. Imagine this – when you’re with a hot girl and while she’s listening to you talking, she raises an eyebrow. Doesn’t that turn you on? Well the same rule applies when you do that to her. Word of advice, try practicing in front of the mirror before trying it out so that you know exactly how you would look like when you do it outside.

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