How to buy her a drink


Buying her a drink may sound easy but the probability of messing it up is also high. Girls who are outgoing may understand the game that when a guy buys a girl a drink, it shows that he interested. But there are also many girls who are not used to this which are naïve enough to accept, thinking that you are just being kind because let’s face it – there are no good Samaritans who would buy a random hot girl a drink without hoping for something in return.

1) How drunk is she?
Before buying her a drink, find out how drunk she really is. If she is, then it might not be appropriate to go on ahead and buy her a drink. She will still drink if you do, but she might also vomit on you.

2) Is she being approached by someone?
If she is touching another male, she is spoken for and buying her a drink may lead to physical altercation. But if she is both alone and sober, then it’s a green light for you to move on with operations.

3) Don’t get her drunk
Besides the probability that she might vomit on you, getting her drunk will also make her irritable and depressed. When that happens, she will start talking about all her life problems or how her ex dumped her which makes her less attractive. Be sure to buy just enough for you to have a great conversation with her – the right amount can go a long way to make her sexually attracted to you.

4) Ask her what she’s drinking
Here’s a great technique to start a conversation with her without getting burned when she says “no thank you, I can buy my own drink”. Asking her first will break her barrier of approaching men because if she’s hot, many guys would have obviously hit on her. She will appreciate it that someone actually is interested in her great taste in drinks and plus, you can also save money from buying something that she might not like spirits.

5) Don’t flash your wallet
When buying her drinks, it’s always better to put in on your tab and pay later instead of paying for each time that you order. You wouldn’t want to get her distracted when trying to hit on her.

Buying a girl a drink isn’t all that hard as long as you know what to look out for. When she’s having fun and giving you a great conversation, it’s a sign that she’s had just the right amount of alcohol and you should stop buying before everything gets messy.

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