Did You Know That You Can Literally Die of a Broken Heart?

broken heart

Yes, you read it right. People can suffer from a broken heart through traumatic events related to a person who they hold dearly such the death of a family member or anything that could cause your heart to skip some beat – including break ups. As much as you’d like to deny, research has proven that you can in fact die of a broken heart and here’s how.

The broken heart syndrome which is also known as the Known as takotsubo cardiomyopathy in scientific terms, is caused by great emotional stress that temporarily weakens the heart muscle.

science explanation
“Tako tsubo” is Japanese term which translate in English to octopus trap. It is named after an octopus trap because of the similarities in the shape when the octopus enters the trap, the entrance is closed and the body of the trap expands due to the flailing of the octopus.

So next time you want to break someone’s heart, think twice of the consequences!

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