Cultural Setbacks of Asian Men when it comes to Dating

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Unlike their female counterparts, Asian Men are usually shunned and stereotyped as racists and shy as they don’t approach people of other races. Being brought up from a different cultural background, it’s not wholly their fault for having certain good qualities that just don’t go well with women of other races.

They have a problem with leading
Most Asian men are so sensitive on how girls think that they would usually ask her where she would like to eat. Perhaps that is normal in the mainland but in other countries, women prefer to have a man that can lead and decide instead of asking them.

Patience is not virtue for them
Being patient is a good quality but not if it’s too much as that is just downright annoying. Women want men who take action, they love to be swept off their feet because confidence is sexy for them. But some Asian men do tend to wait for the right timing which sometimes is unbearable for women.

Nice guys finish last
Asian culture teaches them have peace in their life because if you do not know peace and harmony, your life will be messy and the road ahead will be very tough to cross. Because of this, they tend to take that the wrong way and just turn around before even making an act, hence being stereotyped as shy.

Face value
Perhaps one of the most annoying characteristics of being Asian is having to care about what people think of you which is commonly known in Asia as “Face Value”. To be more exact, how people think of you resembles your dignity. So if you were do something bad that might damage your image, you will be shunned. Having “Face value” is great as it gives you the drive to protect your family’s honor but in more a liberal world like in most western countries, people do not really mind if you do anything wrong because they are more individualistic.

Every race has a different cultural background which determines a person’s way of life or to be exact, a person’s move when hooking up. But at the end of the day, its all down to us to us to either follow what our culture has taught us, or take what we have learned and adapt to to what we want.

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