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A Touching Story of My Childhood in Malaysia

Here’s a video of how we grew up in Malaysia during the olden times when technology was not as advanced as now.

When Your Best Friend is a Hot Girl

A funny video of what it would be like if your best friend is a girl and she’s smoking hot. What would you do if you were in his place?


Female Baristas is a Thing

I stumbled upon this funny video by College Humor and thought its great to share it here. Believe it or not, guys find female baristas really hot and i’m not just saying that because of the looks. Well mostly its because of the drinking too.


Ever Heard of Procrastibation?

Today there seems to be a lot of synonyms and jargon people build up and it just ticks you off when people younger than you understand it better than you do. For example, have you ever heard of procrastibation? Here’s a video by PickySauce to help you understand.


Is There Such Things as a Butterphone?

Is butterphone an official English word, or is it just another made up word? Either way, you might be curious for what is stands for so here’s a video by College Humor if you want to find out more.


Dating an Asian Women

Just sharing a video by The Kloons on a typical date with an Asian women and what goes on in the guy’s mind. Though its a funny video, the situation in real life is similar to this.


If Guys and Girls Switched Roles on Valentines

Some people take Valentines really seriously and since tomorrow is the day itself, I understand how pressured you might feel if your plan didn’t work out after all the planning. So here’s a funny video about Valentines to help you cool down.
P/S – Just try to have some fun though, even I don’t take Valentine’s Day that seriously


Picking Up Girls Nervously

Having nervous problems when it approaching women? There’s actually nothing to worry about! Here’s a video by Whatever showing that you can pick up girls even when you are nervous. Even with the situation being awkward, a nervous person can still get a girl’s attention. So what are you waiting for?


20 Ways to Break Up

Just a Funny video about various ways of breaking up by Wahbanana. I love their videos and thought I’d share it with you guys to get some of that stressful tension out from all the reading. Have you ever experienced a break up like this or anything similar? share it with us!


What Batman Thinks About Sex

Just another one of College Humor‘s funny videos that I find hilarious. Wouldn’t you do the same if you’re in his position?