A Sly Yet Effective Way To Pick Up Girls

You’ve probably been in a situation where there are a lot attractive girls outside and instead of just trying to get one of their numbers, your male instinct tells you to have fun and just try on all. Well here’s a very interesting video by Whatever and my reviews about why their technique is awesome.

1) It shows that you are a fun guy
She doesn’t need time to think. You already showed how fun (not to mention sly and cool) you are when doing this technique so you’ll most probably get a yes. It’s interesting and fairly new so not many know of this technique yet so be safe assured that she will be surprised and that’s a good thing!

2) It shows that you are busy
One of the rules to making your pick up technique successful is showing that you are a busy guy and apparently, this technique goes well with the rule. You showed her that you’d like to get to know her better and instead of lingering there longer, you leave. She would start thinking about you afterwards because most ordinary men after getting the chance would stay and chat with a girl. You did otherwise and this my friend, is what makes you extraordinary in her eyes.

3) It doesn’t show desperateness
One of the reasons why guys fail to get her is showing how desperate they are. This technique shows otherwise and that it is more of a spur of the moment thing which is good as it will make her think about you more. She has a safe notion at the back of her mind already saying that “hey there’s nothing to lose so there’s no reason to not go out with him”.

Basically what happens is that you approach a random girl, you tell her that you need to use her phone to make a quick call and when she hands you her phone, you call yours instead to get her number. And with your cheeky smile, you tell her that you’ll call her afterwards. It’s a very fun technique to do which she would most probably accept and approve because if she doesn’t, she will tell you that on the spot (which has a very low percentage of ever occurring unless you hit on a very moody woman).


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