5 Things Guys Find Attractive in a Girl

What guys find attractive in a girl

Different men has different things that they find attractive in a girl. However when looking from a broader perspective, it all comes down to the basics.

1) Cooking
The way to satisfy his heart is through his belly. A while back, girls who cook are considered a norm because of the perspective that almost every girl cooks. But now in an era when there’s plenty of lush restaurants everywhere not many girls cook anymore due to their busy work schedules so this trait is considered rare.
2) Being a bit less oversensitive
It’s in the blood for girls to be oversensitive. Girls love the attention not to mention being pampered, so much so that when you get into a fight with them, they get way overboard. They love being told that they are beautiful, and they love being recognized for the hard work that they put into when dressing up. Most guys understand this and they abide but sometimes it can be a chore to us especially if we see you often.
3) Being independent
Guys find independent girls sexy. Being needy is normal to every girl but sometimes you just got to give him some space. Being independent also gives you a confident image which often only successful people have. It shows that not many guys can get you and we love it when you girls play hard to get.
4) Straightforward
If there’s one thing that turns a guy off, it’s when a girl plays mind games. Girls love to play mind games as it gives them the impression that guys are spending more time and effort to figure them out. But not all guys love to guess and if we can, it’s better not to use our brains at all so being straightforward not only saves time but make things a lot easier for both of you.
5) Not being jealous crazy
Relationship is about trust and it really turns a guy off to find if his girlfriend gets upset at almost every girl he goes out with. Jealousy is highly unattractive. You look like a crazy stalker. “OMG why would you like that picture of her on instafaceitterbookgramwhateverthehell” If you can’t control yourself, don’t call attention to it. You don’t need to stalk all of his exes lives on social networks. You should be CONFIDENT in yourself to know that he traded up with you.

It’s not hard to please a guy – we don’t really ask for much. Just try to put more effort in understanding him and less on thinking about yourself and he’ll get attracted to you in no time.


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